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Bookshelf Speakers
Bookshelf speakers look small (they fit on bookshelves, after all), but watch out. They pack a punch. One JBL personal-size monitor, for instance, weighs little more than five pounds (2.4 kg) but has a frequency response of 80Hz – 20kHz. What’s more, bookshelf speakers are so versatile that you don’t need a bookshelf to house them. Quite a few JBL bookshelf speakers come with brackets so that you can mount them on walls or any number of other places, and they’re designed in colors and shapes to fit any home or office. And, of course, they carry on the JBL tradition of spectacular sound.
ES10 | ES20 | ES30

Floor Speakers

Simply put, floor speakers stand or sit on the floor. They range from small, unobtrusive boxes to a 51-inch tower, and they can blend in with the décor or command attention like palace guards. Available in finishes such as cherry wood, white gloss and black ash, the speakers look great and sound greater. Some JBL speakers, for instance, feature proprietary technology that competing companies don’t offer, such as PolyPlas™-reinforced woofers and titanium-laminate tweeters mounted in Elliptical Oblate Spheroidal™ waveguides. JBL’s floor speakers offer amazing audio – from the ground up.
Center Channels Speakers
What’s a center-channel speaker? It’s the one that you place front and center in a home theater, directly facing the listener. It’s the one that usually carries voices, including singers in concert and actors in movies. In other words, the center channel is crucial, so it’s a good thing that JBL has some great ones.
The subwoofer is the basso profundo of speakers. Human ears can hear sounds in a range from 20 to 20,000 Hertz (cycles per second) but subwoofers concentrate on the lowest, deepest range, below about 80 Hertz. These specialized speakers are expert conveyors of bone-vibrating movie explosions and other sounds that you feel as much as you hear them. JBL has fifteen different subwoofers, from the small but mighty SS88IWS in-wall subwoofer to the monstrously powerful Synthesis S1S-EX. Try one out, and you’ll never go back to ordinary sound again.
5.1 Channel Systems + Sub
Cinema 300: 5.1-channel surround-sound system with four satellite speakers voice-matched to the center-channel speaker, plus a 150-watt subwoofer.
Cinema 500: 5.1-channel system with four voice-matched, dual midrange satellite speakers, dual midrange center-channel speaker and 150-watt subwoofer


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