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Forget the ordinary.

Chorus 700 V, a direct descendant of the Chorus 800 V line of which it heavily borrows technical elements yet with a more traditional finish, Chorus 700 V invites you in to the Focal universe. The manufacturing quality and high-end finishing work are entirely unknown in this price range. Technology, innovation, tradition and exclusive design are our trademarks, being “the Spirit of Sound”.

Innovation is our business V design
To permanently innovate, to create that which has never been tried, to develop the maximum of technologies and performance on an inexpensive speaker line, this is another facet of Focal innovation. For the first time in the history of Chorus, we have introduced an essential element such as design so that the speaker’s not only perceived as a technical object that is too rational, and as inevitably boring as low-tech can be. Entrusted to the Parisian design house “Pineau et Le Porcher”, the silhouette of Chorus 700 V is identical to that of Chorus 800 V.

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